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"Fletcher's Stage 4 performances are living, breathing happenings that bring together members of diverse communities. His dancers fully embody his intricate and majestic choreography.  Fletcher has the ability to challenge artists while maintaining their own sense of themselves.  I was inspired by the artistic journey the dancers traversed from the beginning of Stage 4 to its current state. Fletcher is to be applauded and celebrated for his vision, depth of artistry and character, and, most of all, for his commitment to training dancers as artists."

Adam McKinney- director of dance
New Mexico School for the Arts (NMSA)

"is passionate and innovative.  As a choreographer, he has the ability to invoke emotion from the dancer and audience in a way that is inspirational. ​

I have worked with choreographers from around the world throughout my ballet career, and have never enjoyed the 'process' of creating quite so much as I did with Fletcher.  He is able to let the process unfold in a way that challenges the dancer not only technically, but on a much deeper, personal level."

Angelie Melzer

"Loren Fletcher is a modern day renaissance man, right brain thinker, innovator. He makes previously unseen connections, possibilities and potential visible-in turn revealing new levels of creativity and potential."

Lee Munn, Jona Batt, Elyse Fahey, Jill Saugen

Adept   Ambitious   Analytic  Creative   Dedicated  Effective Efficient Enthusiastic Experienced Imaginative Innovative Innovator Motivated 

Loren Fletcher Dance - DANCER  ARTIST  CREATIVE

As a Thought Alchemist, LF has the ability to creatively assist/consult across a wide spectrum of needs and services. While dance and choreography have been his primary focus for the past several years; he has also assisted and consulted on numerous project across a wide and varied spectrum. For anyone seeking to grow and change, he is adept at making insightful connections on a personal level, and for your business, corporation, or organization. His impact is EXPOENTIAL. Minimal hours-MAXIMUM RETURN!

For over 25 years LF has innovated and created virtually every type of movement. Before fusion was fusion LF was combining styles and disciplines as early as 1995. Ballet, Jazz, and Modern found their way into his classes and choreography. In order to more seamlessly fuse these disciplines, LF also began the long process of creating his own technique (DLST-Dance Logic Supplemental Training). This combination has had a dramatic impact on the dancer on multiple levels. (See testimonials at lorenfletcherdance) 
Because LF is a self taught choreographer, both audiences and dancers varied experiences when viewing his work. His work has been decscribed simple yet powerfully palpable. As Maya Angelou said "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." While other choreographers may create visually stunning works with staging prowess, LF can stir you at the DNA level.
The dancer who takes the journey with LF is forever changed. Either in the moment or years later, dancers return to his words, embedded through analogies and metaphors, only realize their greater selves. Working with LF is likened to looking through the Hubble Space Telescope; new universes are revealed.
Having recently presented at a Ted event, LF is a powerful speaker in his own right. As a self described "Thought Alchemist", he guides listeners to new and deeper realizations about life and living, thus affecting one's art, artistry, and perception. While each of the areas where he teaches and creates is steeped with his patented approach, Living Artful-Artful Living is a platform for speaking specific to sharing his      Thought Alchemy.
LF is currently experiencing "ALIGNMENT", a state of being that informs his varied talks and works in uniquely profound ways. Join him at one of his upcoming events/teachings to have your own powerful experience.




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